Wednesday, June 30, 2010

these are a few of my favourite things!

Hello out there!
This Blogger needs a pick-me-up!

I seem to have a serious case of the blues lately.
When I feel gloomy, I usually try and look at the lighter side of life.
I have been known to produce a "pro" and "con" list, sometimes making a list seems to put life in perspective.
BUT what happens when your shit list is longer than your happy list?
I definitely need an attitude adjustment.
So.... here goes.
The good stuff! The fluffy, sugary, movie of the week, unicorns, smiley faces, and butterflies kind of stuff.

things that make me smile:

*laughing until your stomach hurts
*when people hold a door open for you, or say thanks when you hold a door for them
*finding a treasure at a thrift store
*getting the perfect combination of cream and sugar in your coffee
*watching two people interact that truly love one another
*having someone give you "the thank-you wave" when you let them into traffic
*homemade bread
*when a friend shares their bag of chips (the chips always taste better)
*someone is kind, and offers great advice
*finding a ladybug inside, and letting it go outside
*the dark blue sky at night when it is full of stars
*a good hair day
*when your pet is at the door waiting for you

Dear residents of Blog Land.... what makes you happy?

1 comment:

  1. * finding the perfect pair of shoes
    * mid-day retail therapy which results in me coming back to work in a different outfit than the one I wore that morning
    * my menagerie of cats, and the dog, too
    * having a good story to tell, even if it comes out of a negative experience
    * white wine sangria with friends
    * my soft, cushy bed
    * Canadian singer/songwriters
    * rowdy cousins
    * being in the presence of true love