Saturday, June 26, 2010

Happy Full Moon Saturday

Hello fellow bloggers.

I am about to lose my virginity, my blogger virginity that is!
My favourite blogger and personal hero Saviabella suggested I try it. She said I would like it, (and her Rock Chick recommend was spot on, and she knows how to suggest deodorant, so I knew she would steer me in the right direction!)

I made a joke that I already had a Blogger name. "Freak Magnet" I said... It seemed super-hero like. but alas, it was taken.
She suggested an alternative that was so much more girlie. Freakmagnette
I loved it.
Kind of like Smurfette, only freakier and more magnetic.
It was perfect.

So HELLO out there in Blog Land. Nice to meet you!

I am still not sure if my blog will be blogger-worthy, but I am certainly willing to give it a try.
I guess the first order of business would be to tell you a little bit about myself.

Ms. Freakmagnette is:

38 years old
never married
no kids
I live with my cat.
Technology scares me, but fascinates me at the same time
yup...I'm sounding pretty hot right now.

and yes, I have realized the above description sounds like one of those ads I have spotted on the dating websites. (I have looked...for entertainment purposes only.. but that is an entirely different blog topic)

It is so unfair .....a single man in his 30's = a distinguished playboy hottie
single woman =. sad , pathetic. lonely . loser.

People are always making comments like:
"Why are you single"
"are you TOO picky"
"the right one will come along"
"you need to wear more revealing clothes to attract men"
"go to chapt&rs or the grocery store...those are good places to meet guys"

arrrgh....can the single gal can give similar unsolicited advice to her married friends?
If I was brave enough I would say things like:
"Get your spouses ass off the couch"
"Why are you not picky ENOUGH"
"Did you marry for the money?"
"Why did YOU get a great catch and I am swimming in the dating pool with the poop-sucking fishes???"

but that is just my inner rage writing.

Did I mention I am bitter?

Maybe it is just the influence of the full moon.


  1. I'm so excited you decided to take the plunge!

    Love these two: "Get your spouse's ass off the couch." and "Why are you not picky ENOUGH?" Too funny.

    And you are too sweet to be bitter. Maybe you're just bittersweet?


  2. You are awesome. Your blog is totally going to be worth reading. I want some juicy stories!!!

  3. I'm here to tell you to keep blogging, because I started waaaaay back in 2003, and it's well worth it.

    Also, then I'll get to read your stories :)

  4. I look at single girls over 30 and think - fuck, this generation actually got smarter.

    Who'd a thought.

    So welcome smart girl.

    If it matters to you, it's blog worthy.

  5. helllloooo!!! welcome to blogland. if savia says you're cool, i'm totally in!!

  6. awwww!!
    thank you residents of Blogland!
    Since I posted my first entry, I have found I am looking at the world in a different way!
    I went cheer-me-up-shopping yesterday. There seemed to be endless Blog-worthy events happening around me!
    Thanks for the comments!
    I will write more soon!!

  7. Welcome I just started myself! Happy Blogging.