Monday, June 28, 2010

Tell me why I don't like Mondays.....

Hello again !!
How are the cool residents of Blog Land doing today?

I thank the folks who left encouraging comments! Hopefully everyone had a nice weekend.

Today started out in a typical "Monday" fashion.
Opened eyes.
Mumbled ..."another cloudy day"
Desperately wanted to throw the alarm clock against the wall.
Resisted the urge to Frisbee alarm clock.
got out of bed.
Tripped on cat zig-zagging around my feet. (does he not know this is suicidal behaviour?)

THE SHOWER (this is fun because I bought some lemon meringue pie body wash)
slipped in the shower... well I did that oopsie-slippy dance.
(mental note - be careful around lemon-y body wash)
...THEN I spent too much time worrying what COULD have happened if I had slipped and broken both my legs...... Horrible images of being hauled out by paramedics. At least I would have smelled good.

hmmmm, I might want to change shower gels tomorrow.
If there was a shower-gel/body wash episode of Hoarders I would qualify!

... and then the Monday shenanigans started.
I went to dry my "Weird Al" hair... and the hairdryer started to make a sound I had not heard before. Then I saw smoke... lots of smoke.
my hairdryer is toast.
Well.. I did not say "gosh" (insert variety of swears here)
Why this is problematic.... My hairdryer is 4 MONTHS old. After contacting the store that sold the Cadillac of Hairdryers, the manager informed me I have to send the company the hairdryer, along with a note explaining what happened. In my note I want to ask them what I am to do while I wait 4-6 weeks for them to replace it.
Now you are probably reading this thinking "uh... why is this chick so worked up over a hair dryer when real problems exist in the world"
Well....My hair needs all the help it can get, in fact the crazy-lady hair may be the reason I am single.
AND... I paid $79.99 for this hairdryer. I was tired of buying the $29.99 ones, and having them conk out after a year. So I thought it might be logical to spend more on a good hairdryer.

AND my hairdryer overpackaging promised:
* reduced drying time
*Ceramic technology
*Digital airspeed display and controls
*Tourmaline Ionic Technology (Natural gemstone delivers the most hair-conditioning ions and fast drying, far-infared heat for maximum shine, softness, and manageability.)

My Hairdryer is a liar.
bad bad hairdryer.

thanks for listening.

Have you ever had a product let you down?

Share your stories!

and stay tuned....when I will exclaim... "these are a few of my favourite things"
(because this entry seemed a little rage-filled)

Have a happy day!


  1. Wait, your dryer had gemstones in it?? i'd never heard of the amazing hair drying qualities of I DO own a lot of tourmaline, i wonder if it would do anything if i rubbed it on my wet hair - i might try that.


  2. I may just rub my head in some dirt in the back yard, hoping that some gemstones are in there.

  3. ...maybe that is why the dryer was more expensive than the non-tourmaline kinds!
    perhaps I could make it into a nice pendant!